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  • Sexy Celeb Security -- Guardian ANGELS!

    While the spotlight should be on the famous ladies ... there's some dreamy dudes running defense and taking all the shine. Check out all the show-stealing security guards before they need protection of their own!

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  • HBO Star Abby Ryder Fortson -- Kid Can Count to 20,000 Every Week ... On Her Paychecks!

    Pint-sized Abby Ryder Fortson is making tons of dough while tearing up Hollywood … starring in 3 TV shows and making a superhero leap to the big screen. TMZ has obtained little Abby’s HBO contract for “Togetherness.”…

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  • ‘Americans’ Actor Matthew Rhys Selling LA Bachelor Pad

    "The Americans" star Matthew Rhys is ditching his LA bachelor pad for the Atlantic, TMZ has learned. The 3-bedroom, 2-bath Mediterranean home hit the market for $1.3 million … not much more than the $1.26 mill Rhys dropped on it in 2008…

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  • We Dare You To Watch This Without Cringing

    If this isn't the most bada** way to pull out a tooth we're not sure what is.  11-year-old Alexis Davidson posted the video of herself using a sling bow to shoot her tooth out of her mouth. We gotta hand it to her,…

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  • Chris Brown -- Awesome Surprise Appearance ... Fans Lose It (VIDEO)

    Chris Brown was a scream Friday in Vegas. We're told CB got wind his manager was going to speak with students at a Vegas performing arts center so he decided to tag along.  Chris has had an especially soft…

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  • Joey Chestnut -- No Longer Top Dog ... Loses Eating Competition!!

    Joey Chestnut is no longer the king of downing weiners ... the 8-time world champ just lost the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest to fellow gobbler Matt Stonie. Chestnut finished an impressive 60 hot dogs in 10 minutes but Stonie sucked back…

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  • This Homeless Man's Talent Will Make You Cry

    A video has surfaced of a homeless man playing piano like a pro and we gotta admit ... he gives Mozart a run for his money. The man, who has been homeless for the last 7 years is Donald Gould and he shows up to play…

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  • Amazing Video of the Reef from A Sea Turtle's View!!

    Take a look at The Great Barrier Reef from a Sea Turtle's perspective. Researchers at The World Wildlife Foundation strapped a GoPro on a turtle's shell and the results were incredible. From what we can see, this turtle…

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  • Scott Disick -- Kourtney 'Fuming' and 'Worried' He's Hooking Up and Off the Wagon

    Kourtney Kardashian is telling friends she has no doubt ... Scott Disick is hooking up with the chick he was all handsy with in Monte Carlo, but she's also deeply worried he's lapsed and fallen back into substance abuse.  Our sources…

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  • Lil Wayne -- Happy Mixtape 4th To Me ... Screw You Birdman

    Lil Wayne is declaring his independence from Cash Money with a new mixtape. Weezy dropped the "Free Weezy Album" on Jay Z's Tidal.  As you know, Wayne announced he's an artist co-owner of the streaming service. We're guessing his new release…

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